INST 728B – Digitization and Legacy Holdings Blog

In INST 728B- Digitization and Legacy Holdings, a new class offered at University of Maryland’s iSchool, we will be exploring records from the American consulate in Kiel, Germany. Dr. Heger’s main focus for this course is to prepare his students for job interviews (and future jobs) by giving us experience in digitization.

In the second class, Dr. Tim Summers, the iSchool’s director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement, stopped by to hear about what we were doing. He shared his ideas on what kinds of careers we could apply the skills we will be gaining from this course. Not only will these skills be useful in traditional archives, but also in work for companies and organizations that are interested in finding links between seemingly different pieces of information. For example, research analysts or open source intelligence analysts.


Dr. Ken Heger (L) and Dr. Tim Summers (R)

Dr. Heger intends to give his students contacts to publish articles about the records from Kiel, as well as the postcards we will digitize in upcoming classes. Not only can we mention in job interviews that we’ve digitized records, we can show the interviewers our published articles!

Finally, each of us will develop and implement a digitization work plan. This work plan will be a physical document we can bring to a job interview to show that we know what we’re talking about. We can plan a digitization project, anticipate any problems, and lead others in digitization.

This is an exciting, new, interactive course for the iSchool that is sure to help its students get jobs once they all graduate.


Thank you to Jessica Ault for helping with this blog post.


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