So, what is ArchivesSpace?

Two weeks ago, SAM and the DCIC worked together to hold the first workshop to help current iSchool students learn about different software that is used in archives on a daily basis (click here to learn more about the DCIC and all it’s doing for the iSchool and digital curation). The first software we learned about was ArchivesSpace.
IMG_2239.JPGArchivesSpace is an open source archives information management that helps archivists manage its collections from accession to description to (possibly) deaccession. If you’ve looked at a job posting within the past year, you’ve seen that experience using ArchivesSpace is a necessary skill for any archival job hunter.

The two-hour workshop was led by the awesome Adam Kriesberg, a postdoctoral fellow who works at the DCIC. Adam, along with Richard Marciano (the center director), created a safe space for 20 students to make finding aids in the DCIC’s own ArchivesSpace.





We at SAM want to thank the DCIC, especially Richard and Adam, for all of their hard work. This workshop would not have happened without them.







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