Update! Update! Read all about it!

While catching up on our daily news, we found this article about Minneapolis. The city of Minneapolis has created a digital image archive of 400 photographs, blueprints, letters, and videos relating to the history of Minneapolis.

Apparently, there are hundreds of thousands of holdings hidden away in the 4, 174-square foot basement of the city hall clock tower. Josh Schaffer, the city records manager, has been working with local information science students to comb through the entire collection. Not only have they digitized just a small percent of the collection (less than one percent), but they are working to organize the collection which has previously been left uncatalogued.

It’s great to see a politician recognizing the importance of making these images available to the public. Although it appears he doesn’t have the largest budget, by using local students, Mr. Schaffer is able to allow for an interested internship that could help the city of Minneapolis and its archive. Check out all the images on their flickr page here!


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