Americana 2015

We’re just getting started with our blog, which means coming up with exciting topics to talk about. So, if you have any suggestions, PLEASE let us know in the comments!!

But first, can you believe it has been THREE MONTHS since Americana 2015. Americana 2015 was an amazing and successful event! In case you are new to SAM, Americana is an annual symposium thrown by the Student Archivists of Maryland. This symposium rings together different archives professionals, particularly those with a connection to the iSchool, to speak about their stories and experiences in archives. Americana 2015 focused on Special Collections at UMD! In addition, every year SAM presents the Distinguished Archives Alumni Award.

This year, Americana had four speakers. Our first speaker was Dan Mack, the Associate Dean for Collection Strategies and Servies at UMD Libraries.


Our second speaker was Yukako Tatsumi, the curator of the George W. Prange Collection. Check out the children’s books from the collection!

Yukako Tatsumi

Our third speaker was Jason Speck, one of the Archivists with the University Archives at UMD. He talked about athletics in the archives!

Jason Speck

Our fourth and final speakers was Douglas McElrath, the manager of Special Collections at UMD.

Douglas McElrath

Looking back, Americana 2015 was a great event. We are so thankful for everyone who helped us plan the event, and for everyone who came out to learn more about the UMD Libraries and Archives!


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