What do we have here?

Hello fellow SAM members, Maryland iSchool students, archivists, librarians, or those simply interested in archives! This is the FIRST post on our new blog. We hope you enjoy this space and we are looking forward to adding interesting bios, fun facts, and information about our upcoming events.

But, who are we? We are SAM, the Student Archivists of Maryland. We are a student chapter of the Society of American Archivists at UMD. We started in 1992, but we were officially founded in August 1995. Want more information about our founders? Click here!

We do many things on campus, but our main event is Americana. Americana is our annual symposium where archivists come together to talk about experiences they have had. We also hand out the Distinguished Archives Alumni Award!  This year the award went to Rita M. Cacas. An iSchool alum, she has created her own foundation dedicated to preserving Filipino American history in the DC area. Rita is an inspiring and amazing woman. Check out her foundation website here.

We also host many smaller events and activities. On April 29th, a group of us went to the Senate Historical Office to speak with Heather Moore, a former SAM member who is currently a Senate Archivist. We hope to use this blog to share information about these events.

We also have some other ideas up our sleeves, including “Where are they now?” posts from former SAM members. Stay tuned!!


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